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Working with R3D Files

These are some hints at best practice when working with R3D files. Note that there is great flexibility in R3D metadata and the following notes are a general guide only.

Colour Space

Set this to REDSpace (this is the default).

Gamma Curve

Set this to REDlog - the default if using a Log project.


With the Colour Space and Gamma Curve settings as above, you may want to check the application histogram output and ensure that your white levels are good and no clipping is taking place.



Check the display histogram via the F11 hotkey or by pressing the histogram GUI button as shown below :



Histogram display and histogram button


Turn OLPF filtering off and replace with DVO Sharpen. See below.


If the Kelvin value is low (e.g. 3200) you may want (or need) to use DVO Grain  to improve image quality.

Half Premium 2K vs ZOM 2K Resize

The following images display the quality difference between the Half Premium decode of a 4K Full Premium shot, and the ZOM filter resize of the Full Premium 4K to 2K.



Full Size Image with Region of Interest


Higher quality can be observed using the ZOM filter.



Half Premium decode of 4K to 2K


ZOM filter of 4K to 2K



Note that decoding Full Premium at 4K requires 64 bit Windows. See below.

OLPF versus DVO Sharpen Filtering

These examples use the ZOM filtered 2K shot and shows a higher quality result with the DVO Sharpen tool.



OLPF set to High


DVO Sharpen


Resolution Support

Full Premium (or greater) source support requires 64 bit Windows.

Memory Usage

The RED SDK can use a lot of memory. Signs of memory may include :


Memory allocation failures/warning (logs or CMD shell)
Occasional Missing Media plates being displayed in the monitor.

32 Bit Windows

Set the application Image Memory to a smaller value.


Via the main application Preferences/Rendering section :




or via the main preference file general.prefs :


memoryImagePoolMaxMB 700



Try reducing this from the default (1024 MB) to 700 MB.


Turn Render BG off :



64 Bit Windows

On 64 bit Windows, you should have a much greater memory headroom. This should allow you to set Image Memory to 3000 (assuming 4GB total RAM available) :



Bit Depth

For efficiency reasons (memory and processing), R3D files will be defaulted to using a bit depth of 10 bits. This default can be changed (see the Properties and Metadata section).

Create Clone

The Create Clone property will default to enabled (see the Properties and Metadata section).

OLPF Compensation

This compensates for the camera low-pass filter and will sharpen the image. The default setting is taken from the Clip.prefs file (see Properties and Metadata).



The Digital Vision DVO Sharpen tool will give better results.


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