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In general, Red R3D files can be treated like any other file format inside the application with the proviso that they :


Are often larger
Require decoding (which can be realtime)
Can be switched to a different resolution dynamically



Switching the decode quality can be an efficient way to save time and improve workflow. Using 1/4 Medium (the default) can be useful during any conform checks while 1/2 Premium is better for grading.

Avid ALE

Load the R3D shots and perform some basic sanity checks on the shots on a timeline. You can easily add many metadata properties to each shot, including metadata items such as :


DoP etc.


This metadata can be encoded and exported as an ALE List file for import and processing in an Avid system.

Basic Quality Assurance

The R3D rushes can be loaded into an application such as Nucoda Compose or Nucoda Fuse and viewed at 1/4 Medium quality for initial QA. Our project output format can be set to SD and a "fit" mode.


The sequence can be conformed via EDL (see Conforming with Red).


We need to check that each shot is the desired resolution and adjust as required.



It is possible for R3D shots to be shot at a differing resolutions. In this case, we would want to adjust the properties for this shot and change its decode quality parameter such that its pixel resolution matches the shots around it.


Once fully checked, we can export the timeline as Quicktime or MXF or any other format for use in an Avid or Apple Final Cut Pro.

Pre-Grade Caching or DPX Generation

As above, the R3D sequence can be conformed from an EDL and some basic quality checks performed.


Our project output format may be set at an R3D 2K format (i.e. 2048 x 1152) or a full 2K format (2048 x 1556) in "center" mode.


Initially, we can work at 1/4 Medium quality mode, and using an offline version loaded onto a second video track, we can check :


Shot resolutions match
Edits match, and adjust (trim mode) if necessary
Any pans, tilts or zooms match (and adjust as required)


Once complete, we can switch to 1/2 Premium (2K) mode and export DPX frames of the sequence for use elsewhere.


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