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Importing Material



This chapter describes :


How to get media (both video and audio) into the project library for use
How to recursively import entire folders automatically
How to import and conform from list files (e.g. an EDL)
How to make sure each piece of media we import has the proper metadata attached
How to manage our media library


We import material into our project via the Library. Switch to the Library module via :


F1 hotkey or
Library button



Although we talk about importing in this chapter, the application does not move or copy media around. Unlike some applications that make you import to a proprietary storage volume, we create library references to the original media files. Importing large sequences is almost instant in most cases.


The Library Module will appear over the top part of our desktop :



Project desktop with Library View in upper part.



For a complete description of the Library see the Library chapter.


We can get material into the project library in three ways :


Directly importing media (image or audio)
Importing material via a list (and then doing a List Capture)
Capturing media from a tape source - this is covered separately in the VTR section


In the first two cases, you start off by clicking on the ..Import button in the library :




This will launch the file browser and let us browse and load an image sequence or movie, audio or list file.


For supported file formats, see File Format Support.


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