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Importing Media



To import material into the project library :


Press the Library ..Import button
Browse to and select the media to import
Check your import options
Press browser ..Import button to do the import


Pressing ..Import in the library opens the file browser and allows us to locate and import our source material.



See the File Browser section for detailed instructions on using the browser component.


The file browser collapses contiguous sequences into single rows and shows the start and end frames in square brackets :




Select a sequence and press the browser Import button to import the selection into the library as a shot.



As shown in the screenshot above, you can import multiple items at once by selecting more than one item (e.g. SHIFT+Click or CTRL+Click) and pressing the ..Import button.


Before doing the import, check your import options (see below).


Once you have finished importing your media, click the Close button to close the file browser.


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