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Video I/O

You can capture and lay off video via the Library modules :


Capture video


Layoff video





These options will only be enabled when your system has a video I/O board installed.

Audio I/O

Support for 8 channel audio capture and layoff with the following video cards :


Bluefish Lust - AES/EBU audio
DVS Centaurus2 - AES/EBU and embedded audio

Video I/O

Capture and layoff modules have similar layouts :


The monitor and transport controls are situated on the top left
The settings and control tabs sit below the monitor and transport controls
The event list and event controls are on the right hand side



Playback/Transport Controls

The playback controls on a VTR deck are more commonly referred to as transport controls. These controls are the same on both the capture and layoff screens:



Timecode Box / Cue

This field displays the current tape position.


If you enter a timecode in the box and press the Cue button, the tape will cue to this location.


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