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Capture List



The Capture List method requires an existing event list.


This list is usually created by importing a list file (such as an EDL) and then capturing and conforming the events. Refer to the section on importing list files for detailed instructions on creating a composition based on a list file.


Once you have imported the list file, the corresponding composition will appear in the Library and the events that need to be captured will appear on the timeline.



No media will exist in the library until it is captured and conformed to this empty timeline.


Inside the capture module, the list events are shown on the right.



Event List

The event list table is composed of a number of fields per event.



The Event List is displayed a standard table. For more detail on tables and their use, see the Tables section.


Each event listed has a status assigned to it. This status will update as the capture proceeds.



Event Status

The status fields are :


Needed - the media for this event has not yet been captured and the event is enabled for capture.
Disabled (Needed) - the media has not yet been captured but you have disabled the capture of this event.
Disabled (Found) - the media has already been captured and you have disabled the event to avoid recapturing it.
Capturing - the media for this event is in the process of being captured.
Partial Capture - part of the media for this event has been captured but not in its entirety.
Found - all the media for this event has been found and captured.


Once an event has been captured (Found), the path to the stored media will be shown in the Material column for that event.

Tape Name

Events in the list may need to be captured from different tapes, as indicated by the Tape Name column. You will be prompted to insert each tape (or to skip it).


This will continue until all the media from the different tapes has been captured.



If you press Skip Tape , no media will be captured for this tape and capture will proceed to the next tape (prompt for insert), if there is one. You can capture any skipped tapes later.

Event Controls

The event controls, located beneath the event list, allow you to refine your list and select specific events prior to capturing:



Enable / Disable Event

To selectively choose to capture events (or not), select single or multiple events from the list and use the Enable Event and Disable Event buttons prior to pressing Capture List.


A disabled event will have a status that displays Disabled e.g. Disabled (Needed) or Disabled (Found).



You can capture events in "groups", perhaps using a different number of handles for each.

Reset Event

This option will reset the selected event(s) to the status of Needed, whether or not the media had already been captured. This allows a re-capture of a previously captured event.

Event Handles

This numeric slider specifies whether to capture more frames than the events require i.e. handles. Setting the Event Handles to 5, will capture 5 frames of head and 5 frames of tail for each enabled event.



The addition of handles might be applied in order to capture as much of each media clip as might be later needed and to allow later trimming of the media clip within the composition. Adding handles can also be used to lengthen events in the composition list so that their timecodes overlap with others and various events can be consolidated  and captured as a single media clip using the 'Consolidate Events and Tapes' function.




Default : Consolidate on tape


Consolidation is the grouping together of overlapping events (generally by timecode) into a single "event" which can be processed (captured) as one. This can minimise the amount of work required to capture the same amount of material. Consolidation reduces the total number of events to capture.


Don't consolidate

Ignore potential consolidation and show every event in the list.

Consolidate on tape

Consolidate overlapping timecodes within the same tape.

Consolidate on clip

Consolidate overlapping timecodes within the same clip.



You can also use consolidate in conjunction with the handles function to increase the length of media required by events that are close in their timecodes but not overlapping. By making them overlap on purpose, the source material can be captured in one go as a single clip.

Capturing the List

When ready, press Capture List to start the capture.


Once capture starts, the Capture List button turns red.

Buttons Skip Event, Skip Tape and Stop Capture are also enabled now.



In-between capturing each event, whilst the deck scans to find the correct position, these interactive buttons will become disabled.





Once capture is complete (or stopped), you should look at the status of each event in your list to check that it was captured correctly and that the Material location is given.


Press Conform to complete the capture process and link the captured media in the library to your composition.

Capturing a Single Event

To capture a single event, select it in the event list and press Capture Single.



This button is only enabled when a single event is selected.


As before, the button will turn red once capture is underway, and the 'Stop Capture' button will become enabled:


The event list will show the individual event being captured:



Exporting the Events List

Press Export List to export all, or a subset, of the event list.



You can export as a CMX3600 EDL or a CUT style list.




There are three options for export :


Export all - This will export the full list of events as displayed on-screen. You may want to do this if you've altered the original list in some way, e.g. by adding handles or using the consolidate events function.
Export found - This will export a list containing only the events that you captured.
Export not found - This will export a list of all the events that were not captured. This could serve as an easy way to identify which events have yet to be captured.


The list export option is only available in the List Capture screen.


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