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Many areas of the application display information in a tabular format, including the library, video I/O screens, capture lists, project list and file browser.



Tabular display of assets in library


Tables behave in a similar manner throughout the application.


Select items by left-clicking with the mouse. Selected items are shown in orange.



Multiple non-continuous items selected

Multiple Selection

To select multiple items :


SHIFT + select to select a continuous range
CTRL + select to select non-continuous items (as shown in image above)


To deselect an item, select it with CTRL + select again.

Column Order

To re-order the columns, click and drag a column title :



Repositioning a column.

Column Sort

To sort the table display on a column, click the column title. Clicking again, reverses the sorting :



Ordering on Material Name (title changes to italic).



Column titles change to italics when sorted on the column.

Remove Sort

To remove the sorting, click on another column (or in the library, click on the the Thumbnail column title).

Show and Hide Columns

You can show (insert) or hide (remove) a column by using your mouse and a right-click :

Remove Column

Right-click the mouse over the column you want to remove and choose Remove Column :



Insert Column

Right-click the mouse in the contents title area where you want to insert the new column and choose the column you want to insert :



Column Sizing

You can adjust the width of columns by clicking and dragging the column boundary with your mouse :



Click and drag to stretch Material Name column width out.



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