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Import Options




For image media, the Import Options dialog lets us select the method used to extract the Timecode and the Tapename from the media imported.


The browser ..Options button will open the import Properties dialog :





Set the default settings in the Application Preferences Capture/Conform tab.


It is very important that we ensure (where we can) that we have a proper tapename and timecode associated with our source media.




We can extract the timecode from the file header (e.g. a DPX format sequence) or from the sequence filename (i.e. sequence numbers are the timecodes).



For header timecode, you will always use 1st tc header unless you have a Red R3D sequence and wish to use the second R3D timecode (2nd tc header). See the Red Support chapter.


The timecode extracted will be placed in the Library In column, and will also cause the assignment of the Out and Duration values.



Tape Name



We can extract the tapename from the file :


Header - Some file header metadata contains the tapename (e.g. DPX)
Filename - A string component of the file path e.g. file name or containing folder name

Tape Dir Level



The Tape Dir Level sets the folder level from which we take extract the tapename when extracting the tapename from the filename.


Level 0 is the file name
Level 1 is the containing folder
Level 2 is one folder up etc.


See the appendix chapter Automatic Naming.


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