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Attach/Detach Project

Attach Project



We can only open and edit projects once they appear in our main project list.


The Attach Project button lets you insert an existing project (project folder) into our project list.


Clicking the Attach Project button brings up the file browser so that you can select the location of the project (folder) you want to add to the list. Select the project folder and click the OK button, or browse inside it and click OK.


The project will then appear in your project list and you can select it to open.



You should only import projects that were created on the same version of the application software, e.g. v2013.3 projects should not be imported into v2014.1

Detach Project



The Detach Project option removes a project from your project list.


It does not delete the project.


If you want to open the project again at a later date you need to re-attach it using the Attach Project button.



You will not be asked to confirm project detachment.



This is a useful tool for moving a project from one computer to another, or removing a shared project from your project list without affecting users elsewhere.


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