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Opening Projects



To open a project, double-click the project on the main project screen, or select it and press the Open Project button.On opening the project you will be taken to the project desktop.



When you open a project, if any of the project configuration settings for that project have been changed but have not been applied with the Apply Settings button you will be asked if you want to apply the new settings at this point. If the changes were unintentional you can say no and they will be discarded.


The open project button will be disabled if there is no project selected or if the selected project has a status of Offline. An Offline project means that the underlying project data folder is not located in the expected location.


You may sometimes see a warning when opening a project. This may relate to a version mismatch or to missing cache renders.

Version Mismatch Warning

If you open a project that was created with an earlier application version, you will receive a warning dialog alerting you to this fact.





It is usually safe to open a project created with the same Major.Minor version as used currently (i.e. 3.6r1 to 3.6r2). However, projects created in earlier Major.Minor versions may not be safe (e.g. 3.5r7 to 3.6r1).

Missing Caches

If some (or all) of the rendered cache files cannot be located on disk, you will receive a warning alerting you to this fact.




This may occur if :


1.The cache (cacheRootDir) volume is unavailable
2.The project has been moved and attached on a different machine
3.After a crash etc.


For case (1), you may wish to press Cancel and investigate. For other possibilities, pressing Yes will delete the cache references before opening the project (your timelines will need rendering).



If you remove cache references your project will require re-rendering.


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