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Project Interface

Bifrost QC is designed for a collaborative workflow with many users contributing to a central internal data pool. Users have continuous read-only access to other projects. Edit access is controlled so that only one user can edit a project at a time.

Main Interface

Starting Bifrost QC will bring you to the main user interface


Project Interface

The left hand pane of the GUI is dedicated to the Project Interface.

Project List
A list of all projects is displayed and you are able to view a project's data by clicking the project name once.

Double clicking a project will select it for editing.

The column headings in the project list can be used for sorting the projects. Clicking on the heading will switch between ascending and descending sort modes. You can also add and remove columns by right clicking on the column header.

Project Filter, Search and Name
The Filter box is used for displaying project names that match the filter criteria. To the right of the filter box is the clear button and case sensitivity button.

Search will filter projects and clips based on the search criteria.

Project Name field. Use to enter a name for a new project. All project names must be unique.

Project Controls
New Project Creates a new project
Delete Project Deletes the selected project
Import Project Imports project from an XML file
Export Project Exports selected project to XML file
Edit Project Locks selected project for editing
Home Project Return to project being edited

In order to import a project, you must first release the current project from edit mode

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