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Installing Bifrost QC

Release information regarding new versions of Bifrost QC is published on our user forum. Please sign up to receive release information:

Install Process

Double click on the software installer to start the installation :


The actual installer filename version might be different to that shown above.

Complete each step, pressing the Next button to continue.

Installer Starts BifrostInstall1.PNG
Install and release information BifrostInstall2.PNG
Choose options.

Note: Quicktime should be installed on new installations.

Ready to install BifrostInstall4.PNG
Install Locations

Where we say <VERSION>, use the application version string e.g. 2014_1

Executables and libraries are installed in folder:

C:\Program Files\BifrostQC\<VERSION>\

Application configuration is installed into folders :


The installer itself is copied to the folder:


The installation process will never touch your application configuration, projects or preferences. It will only install or update program executables and libraries. The installer can be safely re-run any time.

Environment Variables

A number of environment variables are setup as part of the installation process. These configure the location of the preference files and license location.

BIFROST_LICENSE_DIR Set to the folder containing the product license file (license.flic) e.g. C:\BifrostQC\License
BIFROST_ROOT_V2014_1 Set to the "root" folder i.e. the folder containing the main preference file general.prefs e.g. C:\BifrostQC\<VERSION>\root

For details on how to request a license, see : Licensing.

When received, the license string should be placed in the following file:


If you encounter any license problems, please see the troubleshooting steps on our Licensing page.


To Run the software, double click on the program shortcut on your desktop :


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