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When adding a media clip to a composition timeline it is possible to add it as a version of an existing clip segment instead of as a new segment.


By adding a version you preserve the underlying clip segment in the composition along with all the changes you have made to it (e.g. trimming or effects). Versions therefore allow you to experiment with different clips, or to make gradual changes to a clip segment and save each one as a separate version until you decide which version you want to keep.


A segment containing a version is denoted on the timeline by a triangle in the centre:




Grey triangles denote the presence of underlying versions in that segment, and a green triangle identifies the approved version. Approving a version is simply a mechanism that allows you to differentiate your preferred version from all the others. You can change the approved version at any time.

Version Controls

The buttons for adding, approving, and deleting versions are on the timeline toolbar:





Add a source (duplicate) version (for active shot).

Hotkey : CTRL + N


Add a grade version (for active shot).


Approve current version.


Delete current version.

Hotkey : SHIFT + N


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