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Preset Layout


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The ParamLayout.configs file arranges various tool interface elements - parameters, pages, buttons etc.

File Format

All layouts are wrapped inside the paramConfigurations tag. The Gamma Matrix effect layout is defined in a section wrapped with the tag GammaMatrix.


Note that each tool (e.g. GammaMatrix, HLS, DvoRegrain etc.) has parameters delimited by square brackets ([,]).


Within the GammaMatrix layout section, specify preset buttons use the syntax :


presetButton "<BUTTON NAME>" "<IDENTIFIER>"


Where <BUTTON NAME> will be the button title (text on button) and <IDENTIFIER> identifies the button action to use  from the preset definition file.


For the GammaMatrix tool, the <IDENTIFIER> key has a format :




The <PresetIdentifier> is the unique name given to the preset (see the Preset Definition section).









    presetButton "Test Matrix" "GammaMatrix.matrixTestSample"

    presetButton "1.88" "GammaMatrix.preGamma188"






The above produce the following interface buttons :




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