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Switch to the Matrix settings using the Matrix button.




The Matrix page consists of three sections :


Presets on the left
Matrix settings
Matrix configuration on the right

Matrix Presets



Any matrix presets you have defined will be listed in the first column. Pressing any preset button will load the preset values into the matrix.



See the Presets section for details on configuring and positioning preset buttons.

Matrix Settings

The Red, Green, Blue and Alpha matrix component values are listed in the central section. You can enter these values manually using the value sliders, or activate a preset button to load predefined values.


Pressing a preset button (e.g. Identity Matrix) will set the matrix values to the preset values.

Matrix Configuration

The Matrix Configuration column contains utility functions that modify the way the colour matrix is interpreted.

Preserve Luma



Setting Preserve Luma will adjust the resultant matrix such that the scale of each component value stays the same relative to the others, thus keeping the output luminance the same.




Setting Transpose causes the matrix to be transposed before being processed.



Note that the matrix settings will not change when Transpose is enabled. However, it is transposed internally before use.


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