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Applying and Editing Effects

The colour correction layers in the effects tree are by default inactive and will not be applied to the corresponding segment until you edit the parameters of one of the effects within the layer.


User effects and layer effects on the other hand, are often active by default and are applied to the corresponding segment from the moment that they are added.


You can adjust the parameters of any effect, whether active or inactive.


To edit an effect, double-click on the effect name in the effects tree to edit it. The composition editor panel will automatically switch to the Effects tab to show the parameters for the chosen effect



The currently edited Effect will be orange.



View Output

Hot key : w


In addition, the view mode will automatically switch to Play Output. In this mode, any changes to the effect parameters are rendered automatically and the resulting output image is displayed in the viewer. This output image is the cumulative result of all the effects that have been applied to that segment, i.e. the full effects tree.

View Selected

Hot key : e


You can change the view mode from Play Output to Play Selected by


Using the drop-down list selecting the option from the view mode drop-down list or by holding down the CTRL key when you double-click on an effect to edit it.


In this mode, you will not see the cumulative result of all the effects in the effects tree but will see only the cumulative result up to the effect that you are currently editing.


Further to this, if you are editing an isolation effect, i.e. matte, keyer, shapes, or blur, you will only see the cumulative result of the isolation effects in that particular layer.



In View Selected mode, the effect that you are editing will appear in yellow in the effects tree:




Once an effect has been edited, it appears as bold in the effects tree, as does the layer that it belongs to:





The bold indicator in the effects tree signals that the effect has been edited, not that the effect is active. User effects can be active by default and will not appear bold unless the effect parameters are edited.


You can reset an effect back to its original parameters by selecting the effect, so that it's highlighted, and pressing the Reset Effect button on the effects toolbar. You can also reset an entire layer, which will recursively reset all the effects within the layer.


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