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Editing and Selection



An edit mode defines the behaviour of the timeline manipulation tools, including editing, moving, slipping, sliding and selection. There are four modes, the default being a direct selection tool.





Direct Select mode


Region Zoom mode


Move segments mode (segment editing)


Trim mode

Direct Select



This is the default mode. Use the mouse to left-click a segment to select it (it turns orange).


To select multiple segments :


Drag a selection box with the mouse (see diagram below)
Use the SHIFT key to SHIFT-click multiple segments and all segments in between
Use the CTRL key to CTRL-click multiple non-contiguous segments.



Using the mouse to drag a selection region

Region Zoom



You can use the mouse to drag a selection box around a section of the timeline. On mouse release, the timeline will zoom to fit the selected segments.



Drag select a box and timeline will zoom to display segments.


Segment Editing



This mode lets you move or copy one or more segments on the timeline.


Select one or more segments as per the direct select mode described above. To move the selected segment(s), we drag with the mouse and to copy we use the keyboard short-cut keys.

Moving Segments

To move segments, select them, press with the left mouse button and drag them to the new location on your timeline. Dragging will obey ripple mode.



If you are not in ripple mode, dragging one or more segments on top of other segments will replace the segments below. In ripple mode, the segments below are pushed out of the way.


The default move mode is snap to cut. The start and end of the dragged segments will snap to any cut points they cross, and allow positioning flush to any other segment (beside, above or below).



Before : two segments selected



During : segments being moved by dragging. A vertical bar and arrow

shows the dragged segments snapping to any cuts they cross.



After : segments moved to new position.



To position segments freely, with no snapping to cuts, hold down the CTRL key while dragging.


Copying Segments

Use the keyboard to copy the selected segments to a different location on your timeline.


Copy :


Splice :


Overwrite :




Splice will ripple the timeline and ignore ripple mode.


The segments will be inserted at :


The active play-head location or
The Mark In point if it exists


If a Mark In and a Mark Out point exists, the segments will be inserted to fit between them, and clipped if longer.

Trim Mode

For discussion of trim mode, see Trim Modes below.


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