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Adding Media

You can manually add shots to the composition timeline by using drag and drop from the library or by using the splice or overwrite tools (from the keyboard or GUI buttons).


Clip insertion will obey the current ripple mode and will be inserted at either :


a) The active play-head position or
b) Any Mark In location set.



Hotkey : v


The splice operation is non-destructive, and any clip segments that already exist on the timeline will be shifted along by the length of the media you insert.


The overall length of time used on that track will therefore change by the length of the new media clip that has been added.



Hotkey : b


This operation will not move existing clip segments out of the way so the overall length of time used on that track will not change. Any existing clip segments will be overwritten.



Once a media clip has been added to the timeline we refer to it as a media segment. The source clip remains the same but a segment can be edited.

Drag and Drop

You can select one or more library clips and drag them to the composition timeline.


The shots will be placed onto the video track they are dropped on and this is indicated by the track enabled light being active.



Drag and Drop : track indicator light matches cursor position


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