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DVO Regrain RGB

DVO Regrain RGB allows you to quickly set up and generate natural looking film grain. You can match almost any type of film stock by setting the grain size and sharpness as well as matching the characteristics of highlight and lowlight intensity behavior in each individual colour channel.

DVO Regrain RGB main settings.

The Enable button enables the entire effect :

Dvo regrain rgb enable.png

Global Settings

Dvo regrain rgb global.png

Overall Amount

This is the total amount of grain added and calculated as a percentage versus the grain texture setup.

Values 0 - 4.0
Default 1.0 (100%)

Where to add the grain : RGB or single channels.

The BW options are for selecting the parameter channel to use for adjusting the grain texture.

Values RGB, BW (Red), BW (Green), BW (Blue)
Default RGB

How saturated the grain should be.

This applies to RGB colour mode.

Grain Texture Setup

Define the grain applied for each channel in RGB.

In BW we use the setup per the channel selected in the global Colour setup above.

DVO Regrain RGB settings

Define the size of the grain created (per channel).

Values 1.0 - 4.0
Default 1.6

Define the sharpness of the grain created (per channel).

Values 0.0 - 1.0
Default 0.5

Uniform (Amount)

If enabled, generated grain will be same in low (dark) and high (bright) lights.

Default Enabled
Amount Uniform/Low
  • If Uniform (Amount) is enabled, this sets the total amount of grain generated.
  • If Uniform (Amount) is disabled, this sets the total amount of grain generated in Low lights only.
Values 0.0 - 4.0
Default 1.0
Amount High

Specifies the amount of film grain to be added in high lights (per channel).

Values 0.0 - 4.0
Default 1.0

Mid Shift (Low <-> High)

Midpoint Balance controls the amount of the frequency range considered to be highlight and lowlight, and thus affects how the highlight and lowlight amounts are applied.

Values -1.0 - +1.0
Default 1.0


  • To treat more of the spectrum as highlight, enter a negative number.
  • To treat more of the spectrum as lowlight, enter a positive number.
  • If "0" is used, the gradual change between lowlight and highlight is completely linear.

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