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DVO Dry Clean
From Release : 2016.1
2016.1 R2 (Float/HDR)

DVO Dry Clean is an advanced dust, dirt and film blemish concealer.


DVO Dry Clean supports integer and floating point sources.
NOTE: Floating point is supported from version 2016.1 R2.


Use the Enable button to enable/disable the effect.



The basic detection settings select whether to locate Dark and/or Bright objects in the film.

Dark Dust

This will search for dark dust speckles and blotches. In RGB mode (see below) it will look for issues with an RGB negative offset.

Bright Dust

This will search for light dust speckles and blotches. In RGB mode (see below) it will look for issues with an RGB positive offset.

Advanced Analysis


This sets a level of how much extra analysis will be performed after a detection.

It will do a thorough search around the hit and try and find soft edges or thin scratches.

Higher values will take longer and increase the risk of false positives.



Luma Do analysis in luminance mode.
RGB Do analysis in RGB mode.

RGB mode is slower.



High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing can be enabled using the HDR Source button.

This is only valid when the tool is using an OpenEXR source and in float processing mode.



The Strength parameter sets the overall cleaning threshold. Good results should be achieved using processing values between 0 - 1.

A value of 1.0 uses a simplified estimation of the clip noise/grain level. For values above 1.0, Dry Clean can further process the media to brush off grain or noise.

Values 0 - 2.0
Default 1.0


Aggressiveness sets how far and how strongly Dry Clean will attempt to conceal problem areas and taking into account the risks involved (with complex material.

Values 0 - 1.0
Default 0.75
Temporal Safety


Temporal Safety will prevent false positives where unexpected objects appear or disappear in the image.

Values 0 - 1.0
Default 0.25
Ensure Smoothness


When enabled, Smoothness will smooth harsh edges that might appear as a result of the concealment process.

Smoothness Amount


This defines how much the Smoothness will affect a harsh edge within the concealment.

Values 0 - 1.0
Default 0.5

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