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DVO Clarity

DVO Clarity is the fifth generation noise and grain reducer from Digital Vision and is designed to automate as much configuration as possible while still producing the highest quality output. The new DVO Clarity algorithms are designed to preserve detail and keep the original image sharpness, while being artifact free.


DVO Clarity includes :


Automated grain characteristic analysis
An enhanced motion estimation engine
Detail enhancement
A new spatio-temporal filter











The Enable toggle button allows you to enable/disable the effect. By default, as soon as the effect is added it is applied/enabled.




The drop-down list will default to the project setting for the input format. You need to set this control according to the material that you are working with. If the footage was shot with a video camera, select a linear format. If this control is not set correctly the material may not be processed properly.


Default :

From Project




The Process group sets the basic processing parameters for the DVO Clarity algorithms.


Range :

0 to 100

Default :



The Amount parameter sets the overall level of noise/grain reduction.


Range :

0 to 100

Default :



Aggressiveness sets how far and how strongly we attempt to reduce noise/grain taking motion into account. The higher the value the more motion we ignore.



Care should be taken because at higher settings there is an increased risk of introducing motion artifacts.




The Details group controls the level of detail preservation versus noise/grain reduction performed.

Base Level

Range :

More, Less, Auto

Default :



The Base Level sets the overall bias used for preserving detail. When set to Auto (the default), the algorithm will adapt automatically. Setting this to Less or More will change the overall detail preservation bias such that :


Less - try and preserve less detail
More - try and preserve more detail


Range :

0 to 100

Default :



Given the Base Level, the Preservation parameter will fine-tune detail preservation. Higher settings preserve more detail.



Detail Preservation Workflow

Analyse the shot and note the amount and size of any noise artifacts (e.g. grain size).  Based on this and the level of detail in the shot, we can choose settings for the Details parameters.


Detail Level

Example Settings

Low detail

No detail below average noise/grain size

Base Level : Less

Preservation : 0

Higher detail

Detail observable below average size of noise/grain

Base Level : More

Preservation : 100


Speed and Quality



Range :

Highest Speed, Highest Quality, Balanced

Default :



By default, we try to balance the quality of our output with the amount of processing time we use to produce it. The Speed vs Quality setting lets you adjust this trade-off between quality and processing time used.

Intensity per Channel



The intensity of noise and grain might be very different in the low, mid and high-lights of the picture. As part of the automatic analysis undertaken for each shot, DVO Clarity calculates the intensity distribution of noise/grain in each component (red, green and blue). The calculated distribution is displayed as a graph.



The graph is calculated per shot.


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