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DVO Alias

DVO Alias takes care of the negative side effects of out-of-band vertical frequencies that show up on-screen as line flicker or “twitter”. Alias is often used for removing in between field flicker in CRT monitors.

Line flicker is commonly seen in footage containing venetian blinds or car grills.



Enable Enable/Disable the tool.

This toggles the effect on and off.

Values Linear, Log
Default From project

This is the expected format of the input data. Video cameras typically use a Linear data format.

If the Data setting is incorrect, the material will probably be incorrectly processed.

Cutoff Frequency
Range 0 - 100%
Default 70%

This controls the amount of filtering and selects for the maximum vertical bandwidth to keep i.e. the frequency where the filter is applied. The lower cutoff the more filtering.

A setting of 100% equals a full bypass.

You should start at a high value and lower until the flickering has been removed.


Enable Interlaced if your material is interlaced.

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