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DVO Aperture

The DVO Aperture tool is a high quality frame-based spatial filter that increases the apparent sharpness of the picture.


This is a critical function when dealing with film scans and compensates for the loss of high frequency information generated in the film scanner. Problems requiring aperture correction arise in a scanning system when the frequency response falls off as the effective wavelength of the detail to be resolved in the image approaches the dimension of the scanning aperture.


The aperture processor normally increases response to high frequency content in the signal, thus adding subjective sharpness to the picture.



Aperture correction should therefore be employed as the last process in the chain.




This toggle button allows you to enable/disable the DVO Aperture effect. By default, as soon as the effect is added it is applied/enabled.

Horizontal / Vertical

Separate controls for the amount of horizontal and vertical aperture correction. Allowed values are from 0 to 100% in increments of 10%.


Values :

0 - 100% (in 10% increments)

Default :

0 %


The drop-down list will default to the project setting for the input format. You need to set this control according to the material that you are working with. If the footage was shot with a video camera, select a linear format. If this control is not set correctly the material may not be processed properly.


Default :

From Project


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