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Creating Compositions

You can create a composition manually, or by importing a supported list file (e.g. EDL) or an AAF file.

Manual Creation

To manually create a composition, press the New Composition button in the Library screen :




This will close any open composition, create and open a new one. The new composition will be named Untitled by default but you can name it via the ..Properties dialog window or by double-clicking the Material Name field and typing a new name :



Renaming a composition manually by typing in new Material Name


The currently viewed (edited) composition has status Current Edit in the library.





The frame rate of the composition is set on creation to the project master format rate.


List Import and Capture

Importing an EDL, AAF or other supported list format will create a new composition with video and audio tracks, media segments and supported effects (e.g. retimes) as per the imported list. For an Avid AAF/MXF workflow, see the Avid Integration chapter.


With an EDL, the composition will be named as per the "TITLE" field. Media segments will need to be conformed to the timeline.


A composition will also be automatically created when you capture media from a VTR device.


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