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Bookmarks are tags you attach to either an absolute timeline position or to individual segments. These bookmarks are useful for taking notes for future reference.

Creating a Bookmark

There are two types of bookmarks - timeline and segment. To create a bookmark of either type at the active play-head position, open the bookmark dialog :


Keyboard : CTRL + m

Panel : CTRL + Book M



Mouse :

You can also use the mouse Right-Click on the timeline timecode row at the top of the composition :


Right Click to open Add Bookmark dialog


The bookmark dialog window opens :


Add Bookmark dialog


The Type drop-down list lets you select a segment or timeline bookmark (see below).
Add your descriptive text to the Note field.
Choose a colour for t he bookmark.
Then press the Create button to create the bookmark.



Valhall Control Panel


If you are using the panel you can use ENTER to add a bookmark or use the the QUICKNOTES buttons 1-8 to add bookmarks of differing colours.


The panel also allows the addition of bookmarks on the fly during play out. They will update on the timeline once you stop playback. However, note that you cannot change between Timeline and Segment bookmarks while playing back.

Timeline Bookmark

A timeline bookmark is attached to a specific timecode on the composition timeline itself and stays in the same place on the timeline. A timeline bookmark is displayed above the timeline.



Segment Bookmark

A segment bookmark is attached to a specific segment and moves with the segment. A segment bookmark is displayed within the segment.



Listing and Editing Bookmarks

To list your bookmarks, press :


Keyboard : m

Panel : Book M


A window opens and displays all bookmarks created on the current composition with their types.




You can select a bookmark and edit it, delete or cue to the bookmark location.



Valhall Control Panel


Use the UP/DOWN arrows to navigate and ENTER to cue to the selected bookmark.

Exporting Bookmarks

You can export timeline bookmarks (not segment) using a utility tool called Bookmarks Assistant supplied with the distribution. This is documented in the Bookmarks Assistant appendix.


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