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Adjustment Segments

An adjustment segment is a special kind of segment we can create that has no associated material. This type of segment is "transparent" and any effects we apply to it will be applied to the material we cover on (visible) tracks below.


An adjustment segment is narrower than a normal segment and by default drawn in a grey-green colour :



The adjustment segment (middle) is narrow and a different colour. If active, it will be shown in the usual blue colour.


Effects you apply are only applied to covered segments on tracks below.



An adjustment track and the material it can affect on the track below. Note that an adjustment segment has no thumbnails.


Adjustment segments are useful for adjusting a group of shots the same way. You can apply any number of effects to the segment in the normal way.

Creating an Adjustment Segment

To create an adjustment segment, use marks to select the timeline area for the segment and then use splice or overwrite with no library material selected :


Set a Mark In mark
Set a Mark Out mark
Press SHIFT + v (splice) or SHIFT + b (overwrite)

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