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Avid DS

The Avid DS workflow integration is much simpler to that of Media Composer. There is no need to rescan the database, decompose any clips or relink any media manually. This is all done automatically and transparently.




Once completed, the Nucoda exports the finished sequence as MXF media as described previously.



A Note on DS Media Storage


Note that the Avid DS has a list of defined Media Storage folder locations, configured via menu Data Management / Configure Storages ...




DS Media Storage

Windows Name

\\unityfc\dnx\avid mediafiles\

K:\Avid MediaFiles\


These are predefined for specific storage configurations and media types e.g. MXF video files.


You can export the graded MXF files to any folder within this root folder. The DS indexes these folders and will pick up the new MXF files automatically.

DS Relinking

Once the new graded MXF files have been exported, the Avid DS will re-index and pick these up automatically. The DS timeline will refresh and reflect the new graded sources, and no manual intervention is required.



The DS may take a short while to refresh, depending on the length of your timeline and the size of the media databases.

DS Effects

If any shots on the DS have effects applied, these effects will be re-applied automatically to the newly graded MXF sources when they are re-linked.


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