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Mono DPX Preference Settings

In addition to the overview in our File Format page, the DPX format also has some preference settings to help with loading monochrome DPX files.

This is particularly useful for compatibility with film scanners like Golden Eye.

You can add to the Clip.prefs file :

    luma10PadLines BOOLEAN
    luma10MSBFirst BOOLEAN
    RGB12as2011 BOOLEAN
    luma10NeedsShifting BOOLEAN

Where BOOLEAN can be "true" or "false" (without the quotes).

The Clip.prefs file may exist in more than one place under your ROOT folder. See User Preferences and Preference Load Order.

RGB12as2011 Compatibility mode for 12 bit packed RGB DPX images. If set to "true", uses previous mechanism for creating these files (2011 and earlier).

Default : false

luma10PadLines 10 bit luma packing mode. If set to "true", pack luma scan lines to 32 bit boundaries.

Default : true

luma10MSBFirst 10 but luma packing style. Id set to "true", first pixel if placed in MSB (most significant bit) of the 32 bit word.

Default : false

luma10NeedsShifting On load, shift data bits to enable proper loading of monochrome DPX files.

This was added in version 2015.2.018.

Default : false

For complete compatibility with version 2011.2 and earlier, you should set :

   luma10PadLines false
   luma10MSBFirst true
   RGB12as2011 true

Scanner Compatibility

Setting Goldeneye Scanity
luma10MSBFirst false true
luma10PadLines true false
luma10NeedsShifting false true


To diagnose mono-DPX load and display issues :

  • If the image is skewed, luma10PadLines is probably wrong.
  • If the pixels are in the wrong (p2 p1 p0) order, luma10MSBFirst is probably wrong.
  • If the image looks corrupt (areas that are super bright/dark etc), then luma10NeedsShifting is probably wrong.