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Nucoda Environment

This page describes the way the Nucoda environment is set up by the installation program. The environment refers to :

  • Environment variables
  • Folder locations

The following folders are used for the installation :

C:\Nucoda The base application installation. Folders common to any {VERSION} installed, where {VERSION} might be 2013_3, 2015_1 etc.
The License folder is found here.
C:\Nucoda\{VERSION} The base installation folder for this {VERSION}.
e.g. C:\Nucoda\2014_3
C:\Nucoda\{VERSION}\root The ROOT folder (see below)

The installer itself is copied to C:\Nucoda\Releases. Do not run the installer from here or you will get an install error near the end (due to this copying process).

ROOT Folder

We store important application data in the ROOT folder, including the preference files we use.

Preference files are stored in folders :

  • Presets\
  • System\
  • Users\

See the User Preferences section for more information on how the preference folders are used.

Environment Variables

The installer sets up some environment variables. These are used to specify some important locations, as shown below.



Any .flic file will be treated and loaded as a license file.



where {VERSION} is application version installed (e.g. 2015_3).

  •,2,3 (if full panel selected)
  • (if colour panel only selected)
NUCODA_VALHALLPANEL Defaults to : (if selected in installer)
NUCODA_TANGENTPANEL Defaults to : 1 (if selected in installer)
NUCODA_KEYBOARD Set as "UK" or "US" (as selected in installer)

You should be cautious when changing any of these environment variables as it may cause the application to malfunction.

Changing the ROOT setting (NUCODA_ROOT_V{VERSION}) will cause the application to search the specified folder for preferences instead of the default folder.