GoldenEyeFixes 2016.1 R2

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GoldenEye Fixes

2016.1.029 (R2)

  • GE-405 The "Load Film" window only saves one change when updated
  • GE-415 UI does not update when changing core size
  • GE-529 Recording window size is set smaller than image size on first open
  • GE-574 Auto stop should work for play/FF and RR
  • GE-607 Hide Attenuate Exposure in the Golden Eye GUI
  • GE-648 Colour shift to be fixed by limiting maximum exposure to the value for the fastest of play and record speeds
  • GE-678 Keycode doesn't work on GE4
  • GE-692 Exposure changes should get applied and updated during play
  • GE-697 Perform step operation using play speed
  • GE-700 Change the word "Diagrams" in the software to be "Scopes"
  • GE-709 Colour Shift using step forwards and backwards
  • GE-716 Default for 'Scanning Auto Stop Margin' needs to be changed
  • GE-723 Film Type should be order in alphabetical order
  • GE-739 GoldenEye app doesn't start when installer doesn't migrate settings and no ProgramData directory exists for that app version
  • GE-740 Image processing clips bright pixels from camera when high exposures are set
  • GE-744 Sometimes the filmcalibrations\factory folder is empty after an uninstall
  • GE-745 Tangent Stops Working if uninstalling 2015.1 after installing 2016.1
  • GE-768 Exposures capped at 10 after shading calibration and reset illumination sets incorrect exposures

Gecko 200

  • GE-714 Fix various issues in Gecko's communication with Gedi