Fixes 2015.3 R2

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2015.3 Fixes

Fixes in 2015.3 Release 2

  • NU-260 Selection button in CMS Effect dialogue needs to be longer to accommodate longer named LUT's
  • NU-271 EDL Comment FROM CLIP not populating clip name
  • NU-369 Mouse scroll wheel does not scroll the larger bottom window in the file browser
  • NU-403 Nucoda crashes when setting 'Radius' to '0' in 'Lens Distort'
  • NU-592 Interactive Mode only works with DPX
  • NU-791 Add preference to set the default height of the timeline
  • NU-850 Automatically disable interactive mode when entering VTR layoff menu
  • NU-930 Interactive mode Should use caches after the input FX layer as source if they exist
  • NU-1093 Using DVO Fix with Interactive Mode Enabled causes a crash
  • NU-1366 TC format for markers in Avid produced EDL's have changed in V8.3 - no longer import correctly
  • NU-1404 Arri Raw files fail to render/debayer because of an issue with the Arri SDK and GPU
  • NU-1410 Toggle Interactive Hotkey addition
  • NU-1433 Review playback warning letters in GUI (D P R)
  • NU-1439 Ext Formats picks up DNxHR & tags them as HDCAM then fails to decode them
  • NU-1447 Level and Color shift when exporting DNxHD / DNxHR files
  • NU-1594 Create New Pop-up upon crash of Software - To replace minidumps
  • NU-1651 XML Import fails when encountering Foreign naming for effects
  • NU-1689 Storing a note with media on higher track to the active segment will cause the thumbnails to be black
  • NU-1650 XML containing reverse clips fails to connect to media, results in offline error for those clips
  • NU-1652 Selecting Quicknote as compare source does not work if the user is in events view
  • NU-1698 The Transform tracker does not update the current frame when tracking
  • NU-1765 Valhall - Creating Inverted Shape/Layer crashes Nucoda
  • NU-1806 SonyRawDev failed to initialise with GPU usage error when Nucoda tries to use the Sony Raw SDK
  • NU-1819 ACES ODT is not applied to main output format
  • NU-1832 Exporting DNxHD 175x OP-Atom from 2015.3 produces shifted luminance values
  • NU-1866 DNxHD 85 files didn't get an essence description on import
  • NU-1868 Update Sony RAW SDK to SonyRawDev 2.3.3
  • NU-1870 Assertion "Open succeeded" violated in routine - Error when using Sony .MXF file
  • NU-1872 DNxHD 185x exports via AAF are corrupt in Avid Media Composer 8.5 (Wrong XML)
  • NU-1888 Kona 4 not clipping RGB444 output correctly