Fixes 2015.3

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2015.3 Fixes

Fixes in 2015.3 Release 1

  • NU-300 Audio output stutters when playing back an audio clip on the timeline without any video
  • NU-457 Timeline does not correctly scroll vertically when moving playhead up and down
  • NU-587 Fix backwards 1:1 fielded interlaced playback with GPU readback
  • NU-817 Overlay warning when Cut compare mode is enabled
  • NU-853 Audio wavefrom on timeline not being generated for all clips
  • NU-962 Audio Improvements - Exiting a project after splicing XDCAM files to the timeline crashes the application
  • NU-1256 AJA Kona - Video signal has no sync until a project is opened when using ext reference set to 23.98
  • NU-1344 Kona - HDMI output does not obey colour scaling setting from the application
  • NU-1435 Dropping frames during playback of UHD or 4K material
  • NU-1452 Sony Raw S Gamut3 SLog3 Fix
  • NU-1457 Nucoda not creating all keyframes for all clips on XML import
  • NU-1498 AJA Kona - Post-roll of 7 secs or longer causes the deck to roll back to the end point after insert edit
  • NU-1528 Adding cut or dynamic to grade versions crashes software
  • NU-1566 Disable memoryImagePoolFillOnAllocate if set to True when running CLI commands
  • NU-1569 Performance drop when using dual monitor in 60P
  • NU-1580 Add block size configuration for Checkerboard compare
  • NU-1583 Tracking stops working when user switches between Mon and GPU modes
  • NU-1585 Automatically activate MON in dual screen mode when tracker is started
  • NU-1587 Delayed DVIO playback start causes current time in UI to show frame number 0 while waiting to start
  • NU-1639 Dolby CM Project cannot handle Notes that were created in a none Dolby CM Project
  • NU-1641 Change the scaling algorithm used for drawing Audio on the timeline
  • NU-1644 Crashes with Large (8K) Quicktime files on machines with many cores
  • NU-1655 16Ch audio waveform display is corrupted
  • NU-1657 Waveform Overlay Crashes when more than 8 audio channels present
  • NU-1681 Tracks Compare Option Missing Nucoda Look 2015.2 onwards
  • NU-1693 Certain compare modes not working when using master layer