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2015.1 Fixes

Fixes in 2015.1 Release 1

  • NU-15 VPID identifier is not being sent properly for RGB 444 25P dual link outputs
  • NU-35 Changing the VTR Capture/Layoff settings to RGB 444 Dualink and closing the Layoff window back to default 422 monitoring leaves YUV<->RGB colour scaling after closing the VTR UI
  • NU-97 Quad SDI/DVI (4K) with "GPU direct" readback monitoring breaks video IO
  • NU-100 4k monitoring using quad-link SDI YUV 422 via breakout box DNW
  • NU-105 Cannot output 2k psf
  • NU-117 Atomix LT - Top 1 or 2 lines distorted during layoff
  • NU-119 Flickery video output on entering and exiting application and changing projects
  • NU-132 VPID identifier is not being sent properly on second link of 3G Level B-DL
  • NU-191 With DVS HDCam-SR deck will be randomly off laying off by 1 frame either way, while deck is in AUTO Input Sync
  • NU-192 DVS VTR Layoff - Video output is out by 1 field
  • NU-232 Atomix - Enabling the video card when playing back 4K material causes playback to drop below 17fps. Normally playback would be around 24 (storage depending)
  • NU-284 Atomix HDMI - 4K Playback is slower with video card output enabled
  • NU-341 Image flash when entering or exiting GPU readback
  • NU-412 Atomix HDMI - DVS card fails to display an output when changing between frame rates at 4K resolutions
  • NU-512 Setting DVS card to a 3G standard and a SD default format will cause the SDI output in a 1080i25 project to be DL RGB
  • NU-886 Correctly handle all Sony RAW files (F65, F55, F65HFR etc)
  • NU-892 Precision Panel - Crash stepping frame forward after deleting a composite over effect
  • NU-936 Add 29.97 and 30 UHD modes to Kona monitoring
  • NU-985 Sony FS700 MXF support
  • NU-1008 $t export variable DNW (for file naming and folder naming) on source order exports
  • NU-1087 Crash when clearing caches using selected clips, current frame or marked region - only with Twister applied
  • NU-1117 DVO Chroma GUI menus missing
  • NU-1134 Image resolutions not divisible by 16 cause render errors in Thor
  • NU-1143 RGB Curves - Strength curve behaves oddly with 3 points
  • NU-1154 HLS values get clipped when overall brightness is raised beyond 1.5