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|WIDTH="40%"|Choose addition options.
|WIDTH="40%"|Choose addition options.
{{M-Note|See the options page ...}}
{{M-Note|For details on the options, see : [[Nucoda:InstallOptions|Install Options]]}}

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Nucoda Installation

Once you have the Nucoda installer, double-click it to start installation :


Note that the installer filename will have format :


The VERSION you have may not match the VERSION used here.

Complete steps are shown below.

Installer Steps

After checking each stage, press the Next button, and Install to install.

Start of installation.

Check that the product and version is correct.

The installer README page displays any important information. Installer-nucoda-02.png
Select what sub-product to install. Installer-nucoda-03.png
Choose addition options.

For details on the options, see : Install Options



Review your install and choice of options before pressing the Install button. Installer-nucoda-06.png
Install starts. Installer-nucoda-07.png
At the end of the process, a web browser will open and display the Release Notes.

Read these carefully before running the application.

Install is complete. Installer-nucoda-10.png
Running the Application

The installer will create desktop shortcuts. To run the application, double-click the application launch icon :


Please read the Release Notes before running the application. They will be displayed after installation and are also available via the desktop shortcut :


Or opening the following file in your web browser :