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Fixed in this Release

  • NU-516 Import AAF locators as created in MC as segment and timeline bookmarks
  • NU-1396 Tangent Element - Completing an auto bezier shape via the panel inverts the shape
  • NU-1459 Audio pops on video output when going in and coming out of projects
  • NU-1978 AAF (Avid round trip) doesn't create media files in the specified folder
  • NU-3289 Fade from black at start of sequence offsets the AAF in application by one frame
  • NU-3407 Extract speed and position keyframe values from AAF and apply to clips as segment markers
  • NU-3473 Selecting quick shapes on Tangent Ark when not in Shapes mode will crash the DV application
  • NU-3478 Create new Keyer actions for Ark and Tangent
  • NU-3494 Using the Bookmark navigation buttons on Precision causes a fatal crash
  • NU-3509 When using the AMT for MXF export the 'Creating' folder and file export folders are created in the Root of the export drive
  • NU-3510 Renaming a project causes caches to be lost ( not clone caches )
  • NU-3512 Mirror Horizontal in P&S cause vertical line error for 1440 sources
  • NU-3515 TapeMobIDs are incorrectly handled during project loading causing Avid relinking to fail
  • NU-3546 Correct the behaviour of format conversion parameters for P&S tool when used in layers
  • NU-3553 AAF - Avid round trip - does not create auto create folders if they do not exist
  • NU-3571 Fix for the import of Tape Names from a Flame AAF
  • NU-3573 Shape invert and Variable Softness controls are missing from the Precision
  • NU-3587 Project fails to open sometimes - once loaded export window does not open - Nucoda must be forced to shut down
  • NU-3621 Dialog box during Project load should remain until the project is interactive
  • NU-3668 Setting playback to Marks and setting I/O prevents active clip from updating
  • NU-3689 ShowK fails to display correctly if in GPU mode under certain conditions


  • NU-3294 ProRes 4444 with AAC Audio causes crash
  • NU-3550 1440x1080 exported ProRes files have wrong aspect ratio metadata
  • NU-3654 Importing ProRes 422 HQ with AAC Audio causes a crash

Extended Formats

  • NU-3506 OP-1a XDCAM HDF01a MXF export - frames at end of sequence are out of order