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= 2018.1 Fixes =
= 2018.1 Fixes =
== 2018.1.0XX ==
== 2018.1.018 ==

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2018.1 Fixes


  • NU-321 Cached bar turns red on moving playhead when other DVO effects follow DVO Fix/Paint
  • NU-840 DVO Fix - Adjusting a fix using clone mode on interlaced material causes image corruption
  • NU-1098 HUD TC is burnt in incorrectly when doing a rec multi export
  • NU-1856 Select AAF audio tracks for import
  • NU-2150 Keyframing lensflares in Sapphire 9 - the rendered result does not match the preview
  • NU-2172 Clarity causes black frames when applied to segment with dynamic that ends on a cut
  • NU-2735 Application creates small thumbnails when user has multiple resolutions in projects
  • NU-2794 Audio Cache should default to D: not S:
  • NU-2991 Layer/Tool focus deselects and jumps to different tool
  • NU-3016 Update Arri Raw - ARRIRAW_SDK_5.4.07
  • NU-3056 Half of VTR preview picture is shown if screen resolution is UHD
  • NU-3127 Changing the width of a column in the Load Content browser is not saved
  • NU-3132 Timeline does not update correctly when using Pg up Pg Down in certain circumstances
  • NU-3142 Add new Transfer and Colorimetric options to DPX export
  • NU-3144 Render bar does not update if a clip has a matte set on both sides of a dissolve
  • NU-3148 Bypass does not work if the opacity in the router is animated
  • NU-3149 Library and timeline thumbnails refresh constantly
  • NU-3151 Log/Lin Switch In DVOs not working correctly
  • NU-3152 Trying to view the embedded alpha channel of an image in 2017.1 shows only a white screen
  • NU-3155 Applying a note or creating a new key with the Pre Key Filter set to Blur will crash the system
  • NU-3159 Auto Fit on ARRIRaw Media causes black edge to appear on content
  • NU-3160 Applying DVO Steady to a clip will crash the application
  • NU-3161 Using source splice on multiple clips places them on the timeline with the previous clip length added as an offset
  • NU-3162 Level change in grade between GPU and CPU render with Router opacity set
  • NU-3167 Scaling an image with an alpha channel in a 10 bit project will cause the Alpha channel to be lost
  • NU-3173 Enable relink by source package ID in Avid Mixdown media
  • NU-3189 Nucoda crashes sometimes when saving notes
  • NU-3190 Losing caches in 2017.1 - no warning that caches are lost but everything is un-rendered after leaving and returning to application
  • NU-3218 Application library does not support audio files larger than 4gb
  • NU-3230 We should save the state of the track scaling in compositions
  • NU-3236 Using video sync that does not match the output format will quietly fall back to Internal reference without warning
  • NU-3240 User created masks (for picture mask) do not correctly mask the selected area
  • NU-3249 Update defaultEffectList to tidy up DVO tool listings
  • NU-3253 Improved stability for DVOs in 2018 builds
  • NU-3257 Remember the state of the histogram (Scope) button when exiting the application
  • NU-3260 Adding a keyframe to the HLS effect causes colour loss on the image
  • NU-3264 SDI Colour setting is not stored when entering and leaving the VTR capture UI
  • NU-3267 Video Trim setting in VTR capture has no effect when using Kona 4 to capture video
  • NU-3269 Matte sources are removed from grades when a composition is copied inside a project
  • NU-3270 Unable to read 16bit Tiff files from client
  • NU-3272 Precision does not set correct compare mode for all buttons
  • NU-3281 VTR does not cue up for capture when using DVS Atomix HDMI
  • NU-3282 Use SDI Embedded TC when doing Live capture
  • NU-3296 Live capture no longer works in 2017.1 on DVS Atomix without RS422 connected
  • NU-3297 Sapphire "Time" effects cause fatal crash
  • NU-3298 Selecting multiple bookmarks in the bookmark list and deleting them does not delete all the bookmarks
  • NU-3299 Adding a bookmark in segment mode will add it to all clips under the playhead
  • NU-3301 Cuts being removed from merged EDL in error
  • NU-3302 Crash after attaching 2015.3 Project
  • NU-3303 Application crash when 2017.2 is installed on machines with a "clean" OS
  • NU-3306 Improve threading of DVO Line sync
  • NU-3313 Black line in CPU render when Rotate past 45 degrees is applied to an image
  • NU-3314 Update DVO Print Align and DVO Print Align Seq menu labels
  • NU-3316 Precision Mems button does not switch to Mems unless it is done manually in the GUI first (Single screen mode)
  • NU-3332 After opening the Create Bookmark dialog, the focus is no longer on the text field
  • NU-3388 Project sorting by Modification date fails after the creation of the 139th Project
  • NU-3341 Pan Scan as input FX of Src media larger than output resolution affects timeline and shot thumbnails
  • NU-3342 Update DVO Scratch Target menu labels
  • NU-3344 Shapes do not maintain position properly when using Proxy resoloutions and Pan & Scan
  • NU-3356 In certain Projects with interlaced media the "to be cached" thin orange bar changes length and moves around
  • NU-3367 Project (with DVO Clarity) stops rendering
  • NU-3380 Box blur mismatch between GPU and CPU
  • NU-3390 Sapphire S_Timeslice effect does not render - crashes after a short time
  • NU-3392 Trim handles does not move unless dragged in a very specific way
  • NU-3398 Remove clamping when calculating MaxFall and MaxCLL
  • NU-3410 Application Vers number in console (including build date and machine built on)
  • NU-3411 Crashing caused by non availability of a previously used CMS
  • NU-3419 Add the system MAC address to the console info
  • NU-3420 Using Clone Mode in DVO Fix creates corrupted output (Src media is field based)
  • NU-3436 Wrong time displayed in "Import Files", "Specify file for export", and Export LUTs/CDLs" browser
  • NU-3438 Library properties don't match the composition properties on first opening
  • NU-3439 Distorted key matte on PNG image with resolution not divisible into whole number
  • NU-3440 Give users the option not to remove caches when upgrading between major versions
  • NU-3442 SDI output selection button setting are no longer saved in preferences
  • NU-3443 Display import method used for importing audio files
  • NU-3444 For Op-Atom files if the audio is PCM give the native MXF reader priority over Ext Formats for reading mxf audio
  • NU-3445 Difference between GPU and CPU grade in Hue Curves tool
  • NU-3447 Crash being caused by Scene Detect
  • NU-3448 For Op-1a files if the audio is PCM and Legacy codecs is used to open the video give the native MXF reader priority over Ext Formats for reading mxf audio
  • NU-3454 Distorted alpha on 1998 x 1080 image
  • NU-3455 Distorted alpha after using tiff alpha file
  • NU-3460 Selecting the arrow to open a Base/Colour or Master layer in Mems view selects all the tools by default
  • NU-3480 Scene detect does not always place cuts in the timeline

Fixed in ProRes

  • NU-330 Audio drops out about half way through a long ProRes export when exporting from a long ProRes source file
  • NU-350 Exporting to a SAN is very, very slow
  • NU-1309 Playing over multiple ProRes files with embedded audio crashes the application (Windows Audio)
  • NU-1855 Prores 4444 export in DCI 3996x and 1998x give corrupt picture on left hand side
  • NU-2581 Prores 422 import or export shifts chroma
  • NU-2645 Decoding ProRes 4444 1080x1080 frames has 6 pixel garbage on the left hand side
  • NU-2894 Playback of UHD ProRes 4444 file is slow
  • NU-2986 Crash when importing some ProRes files
  • NU-2998 Imported ProRes 4444 doesn't read correct starting timecode
  • NU-3048 ProRes 1998x1080 file crashes when imported into application
  • NU-3079 Some Pro Res files fail to load correctly - This causes video to be out of sync
  • NU-3468 Export of ProRes 422 HQ 1280x720 at 59,94 fps, is flagged, and imports , as 1920x720 in QuickTime

Extended Formats

  • NU-546 Certain files imported with Ext Formats codecs are clipping values to 10bit in CGR
  • NU-1484 AVC1.mp4 (H264) support (Using Extended Formats Export)
  • NU-2010 Importing larger Avid XDCAM HD OP-Atom MXF files takes significantly longer using Extended Formats
  • NU-2429 AVC Intra 100 Op-1A (AVC-i.mxf) export is too slow
  • NU-2705 OP-1a IMX export should create 24bit audio
  • NU-2879 HDF01a - The correct value for property "Single Index Location" should be 1
  • NU-3000 Update AVC Intra 100 Op-1A (AVCi.mxf) export using official Panasonic supplied codec
  • NU-3107 4k Sony FS5 file does not load (green image)
  • NU-3116 HDF01a - Consecutive KLV Fill Items found
  • NU-3123 Export of MP4 from Ext Formats with AAC audio
  • NU-3141 Add a SMPTE/Full Range option to be used when decoding Drastic YUV files in ACES
  • NU-3192 On import IMX files (with 24bit audio) create 16bit audio in the library
  • NU-3197 MXF Panasonic P2 imports with incorrect length
  • NU-3045 Importing ProRes 444 MXF results in length being capped at 3 mins
  • NU-3059 High and Low luma values can be clipped in ACES when imported using Ext Formats and the file is YCbCr and SMPTE
  • NU-3327 Imported IMX media from a Drastic export has a colour shift
  • NU-3415 8 pixel shift in H264 AVC 100 and XDCAM 50 OP1a exports - Machine with more than 12 Cores
  • NU-3421 OP-1a XDCAM HDF01a MXF export - frames at end of sequence repeat
  • NU-3431 Specific AVC Intra 100 - from Avid is being misread by Drastic as XAVC