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         <span class="jira-id">NU-3944</span>
         <span class="jira-id">NU-3944</span>
         <span class="jira-description">Level change at dissolve start when applying Dynamic to two identical ungraded clipsNU-3944 Level change at dissolve start when applying Dynamic to two identical ungraded clips</span>
         <span class="jira-description">Level change at dissolve start when applying Dynamic to two identical ungraded clips</span>

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Fixed in this Release

  • NU-3891 Software won't launch fully, hang at initialising effects message
  • NU-3941 Once the Float between Layers option has been used to create a project it cannot be turned off for that project
  • NU-3944 Level change at dissolve start when applying Dynamic to two identical ungraded clips
  • NU-3956 Some InvODT's names in the ACES 1.1 (2018.3) cmspresets.prefs file are different to the actual files and it causes a failure to load when selected
  • NU-3957 Prec Emulator not working for Phoenix Finish installation

Fixed in 2018.3.025

  • NU-1758 Mouse scroll wheel does not scroll Nucoda timeline with Win 10 default settings
  • NU-2465 Pop up warning in export window if there are offline events in the timeline
  • NU-2658 Thumbnails generated from decoded RED file have incorrect line alignment
  • NU-2765 Shapes & Warp do not scale correctly when using DVO Zoom or DVO Pixel
  • NU-3095 Exporting EDL with bookmark export selected does not export Segment bookmarks
  • NU-3277 Sony 50fps OCN file imported with incorrect TC
  • NU-3295 Working with DVO Fix or Matte Paint will cause paint strokes to be lost after a while
  • NU-3453 Crash when trying to import Sony Venice files - MXF extension
  • NU-3558 Adding a DVO tool as an Input FX to a grading group causes a fatal crash
  • NU-3616 Bezier keyframes cannot be applied to DVO tools
  • NU-3677 DVO Dust+Fix creates vertical black lines
  • NU-3691 Exporting EDL with bookmark export selected and segment bookmark will crash the application
  • NU-3660 Closing the Composition Save menu - without pressing save, will save a file anyway if there is a name in the field
  • NU-3655 DPX V 2.0 - SMPTE 268M-2003
  • NU-3677 DVO Dust+Fix creates vertical black lines
  • NU-3716 Add a menu item to context menu to clear In Out marks on selected clips
  • NU-3733 Adding Black or Virtual clip with keyboard shortcuts will crash application
  • NU-3741 Nuke Prores files look correct in 2017.1 but wrong in 2018.1 and all subsequent versions
  • NU-3744 Warn the user that files are going to be overwritten
  • NU-3765 Crash when exiting the Project whilst playing
  • NU-3768 Decklink 4K Mini Monitor does not set-up 6G Outputs for UHD
  • NU-3770 Improve 12 bit DPX export speeds
  • NU-3773 DVO Dust and Fix can't be Recalled or Appended form a note or an event
  • NU-3774 Merged bookmarks are not identifiable from the original
  • NU-3775 Clean up tool reports incorrect size
  • NU-3791 Individually licensed DVO Dust and DVO Dust+Fix placed in UNLISTED effects folder on new install
  • NU-3801 Crash when creating a dynamic (dynamic+x ) then end the dynamic and then undo
  • NU-3822 The shape, key and matte icon in the grading stack are not in the Recall effect stack
  • NU-3824 Copying a note from to another folder loses the Tape and Original Tape information
  • NU-3830 Minidumps cannot be created until application is fully initialised
  • NU-3846 Shape Blur parameter needs different adjustment scaling
  • NU-3855 The existing context menu to select table columns is unusable
  • NU-3857 Keyer 'Enable' only works every other time it is switched on
  • NU-3858 Yellow corrupted frames appear as part of output when a composite over effect is used
  • NU-3874 Offline media no longer indicate status with bluer bar in timeline
  • NU-3877 Updated HUD Folder with logos removed from the folder and HUD
  • NU-3913 GUI and SDI Image not displayed when entering a project for the first time
  • NU-3914 EXR - 25 fps EXR file from Resolve is read in Nucoda as 26 fps
  • NU-3918 Colour tools and layers not updating correctly when moving between clips
  • NU-3929 Image colour artefact using SAT-SAT Tool (HLS)
  • NU-3935 R3D Image changes colour when changing debayer resolution in properties (ACES Project)

Extended Formats

  • NU-751 DNG - artefacts on Debayer - bad quality
  • NU-1967 MPEG1 - files causes intermittent black frames on decode
  • NU-2563 DNG - DJI Phantom - files do not display correctly
  • NU-3329 ProRes MXF - Files are very slow to decode
  • NU-3483 AVCi_100 Avid OpAtom - Files should be loaded by Ext formats
  • NU-3511 XDCam files play back very slowly (but cloning seems to be OK)
  • NU-3556 Particular MXF_J2K file does not load
  • NU-3610 Canon C200 files - CRM extension do not load
  • NU-3613 OPAtom - DNX444 - Files are wrongly loaded by Ext Formats
  • NU-3703 AVC MPEG-4 MOV - Corrupted Image on playback
  • NU-3743 OP-1a XDCam - crashes on completion of export
  • NU-3767 DNxHR HQ 4k File from Premiere Pro imports as black
  • NU-3903 FS7 Sony MXF - crash in loading in 2018.2
  • NU-3929 Image colour artefact using SAT-SAT Tool (HLS)
  • NU-3930 HLS Tint Correction not applied with Adjustment Layer active and float processing on
  • NU-3931 OP1a HDx HR and HD 444 - Not loading
  • NU-3942 Adding a CMS Path to the base layer breaks the functionality of going to the same tool between layers