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Record Order AAF Out

In this work flow, the Nucoda system exports an AAF to the Avid for finishing.



Note that the Record AAF back to the Avid route is only available for Nucoda compositions originally created from imported AAF files.


This is illustrated in Figure 1 below.





Figure 1 : AAF from Nucoda back to Avid




This work flow is almost identical to workflow 1 Edit Modified AAF Back to Avid.


The biggest difference is that in this workflow we create a new AAF for import into Media Composer or check in to Interplay.


Import AAF from AVID with completed content, including mixed down audio and rendered effects.
Import AAF material from MXF paths into Nucoda, using the rendered effects option.
Grade material.
Export new AAF - Record order - with media as single completed mixed down sequence with record timecode and referenced audio in the AAF.
Import into Interplay or use check in from Nucoda


Supported audio format for this workflow


Mono tracks


We import the AAF and use settings :


All events as a new composition
Import material from MXF paths
Conform to Material
Use AAF effects



See the Nucoda AAF Import Options section for a full description of the available settings.


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