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Warper Introduction

Both warper tools are designed to be useful in a wide variety of situations.


The Warp 9 tool should be particularly useful in two important areas described below. Both areas of specifically relevant to stereoscopic work.



For most Stereoscopic work, you would use a warp tool directly after the DVO Stereo Fix tool.

Geometric Correction

The Warp 9 tool makes geometric correction straightforward. This issue arises due to distortion between the camera lenses or the mirror from the stereo rig and creates a non-uniform vertical mismatch between the left and right eye images.


By correcting to the center of the image, Warp 9 can then adjust each quadrant of the image, adjusting the points in Y whilst leaving the center point unchanged. This provides a much more accurate geometric match as a result.

Frame Violation

The Warp 9 warper makes it very easy to bend the image forward or backwards in depth. This is done by moving the control points in X only. By moving selected areas you can minimise frame violation (where objects are too far forward in space), thus limiting the effect on the rest of the image.


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