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Managing Versions

Viewing Versions

To view the different versions underlying a segment simply click on the triangle in the middle of the segment. This will open up a drop-down list of all the versions in that segment:



Two versions visible in dropped-down view.


You can change the active version by selecting any other version from the list.


Versions are numbered Version 1 (original), Version 2 etc. To the right of the version number is the Material Name.

Approving Versions



If you want to mark a version to denote that it is the preferred version, you can do so by approving it. To do this:


1.Select the version that you want to approve from the versions list so that it is the active version, visible on the timeline
2.Select the segment on the timeline so that it turns orange
3.Press the Approve Version button on the timeline toolbar


The version indicator will change from grey to green to indicate that you are now viewing the approved version:



Green triangle signifies the approved version.


If you later select a non-approved version to view, the indicator will turn back to grey.


You can change the approved version at any time, simply by selecting a different version as the active version and approving it following the steps above. This will set the previously approved version back to unapproved and set the new selection to approved.

Deleting Versions

Hotkey : SHIFT + N


To delete a version at any time:


1. select the version to be deleted so that it is the active version on the timeline

2. select the segment on the timeline so that it turns orange

3. press the Delete Version button on the timeline toolbar : 00-version-buttons-delete-version


The active version will be removed from the list and the next version in the list will become the active version. At this point the version numbers will reshuffle to close the number gap created by the deleted version.


If on deleting a version there is only one version left, the triangular version indicator will disappear from the segment and the segment will return to being a regular segment without versions.



Version operations are always applied to the active or selected segment on the timeline, so the active/selected segment must be appropriate for the operation being carried out otherwise no action will be performed.


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