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Transforming Shapes



You can move, scale and rotate a shape via the Transform button.


When the Transform button is enabled, the shape is displayed with transform controls :



Transform controls on shape.


You can use your mouse to scale, move or rotate the shape by  dragging an overlay element on-screen interactively.


You can perform the same transformations by using your mouse to modify the Position, Scale and Rotation parameters directly via their sliders :



Pivot Points

The Pivot X/Y points define the center of the shape for scaling and rotation. Initially, the pivot points are placed in the exact center of the shape :




You can move the pivot location using the GUI sliders or dragging with the mouse. The shape will rotate around the pivot :






Valhall Control Panel


On the Valhall Panel, you can manipulate and transform shapes (move, rotate, scale etc.) using the Image panel {ISO} menu on button {2} and {3} e.g.




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