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Export Composition



This exports the entire composition as a list file (i.e. metadata, not media).


In the Library, press the ..Export Composition button to open the Export Composition dialog.


Then :


Use the file browser to navigate to the desired location for the list file
Choose the list format
Set list options
Type a list file name
Press the Export button



Export Composition dialog


Note that the export ignores :


Track enable
Track visibility



If you want to export some shots, not the entire composition :


copy the composition (Library/Copy)
delete unwanted shots (with ripple mode off)
export the copy.


You can export a mixdown of all tracks, or a specific track only via the options dialog.


File extensions are added automatically.

List Format

Choose the export format from the format selector drop-down list :




The supported export list formats are:


EDL (.edl)
Cut List (.ctl)
ALE (.ale)



See the appendix for a description of the list formats.

EDL/CTL Options



The ..Options button is available for the EDL and CTL formats.


This will open a new dialog window and let you set various options for the chosen output list format.

EDL Options


Video Mix Down

Selecting Video Mix Down will export shots from all tracks with "mixed" down view i.e. shots/cuts as seen from the top track downwards.

Solo Video Track

If you have more than one video track, use this drop-down list to select the track to export.

Clip Details

Add extra metadata to each exported shot (e.g. clip name, file name) e.g.



* FROM FILE: T:\media\images\tc.00000.dpx

* FROM COMMENT: Check this is OK later



The comment is taken from the shot description column in the Library.

Cuts Only

This option will only export cuts, no retimes or dissolves.

CMX Legal

The CMX Legal option will disallow the creation of illegal CMX EDL files. The is particularly important with regards to the tapename.


A legal CMX tapename will have :


no spaces
eight characters or less.



If you disable the CMX Legal option, you will be limited to 36 character tapenames. However, the tapename must still contain no spaces.


When you have adjusted the export properties, close the options dialog and press the Export button on the bottom right of the file browser window.



The export progress report will be shown in the main Library screen or via the library Tasks window.

Output Timecodes

The source and record event timecodes can be output as a timecode or a frame count.

CTL Options



The CTL format has a restricted set of options available (Video Mixdown and Solo Video Track) with the same meanings as for EDL export above.


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