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The Export Browser

The Export Browser consists of a number of separate elements that let you :


Navigate to the base folder you wish to write the exported frames to
Choose the desired file format and format options
Choose the export mode (default is record timecode order, as a single clip)
Choose any global options to set (some depend on export mode chosen)
Choose the filename (if any - default to numeric names only)


The various component parts of the Export Browser are shown below.




Navigate to the desired folder using the standard file browser controls. Set the desired file format, format options (if any), export mode and global options using the controls at the bottom of the browser.

Export Path Preview

A preview of the path and filename we will create using the current settings is displayed at the bottom on the browser window.


The following settings :


Current folder :


Filename typed :


Folder Hierarchy set :



will preview as shown below :




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