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Avid subclips are not currently supported and should be removed before transferring the sequence to the Nucoda.


There is a documented process to easily relink subclips to master-clips. Refer to your Avid documentation.


(The text below is taken from the Avid Help file)


Relinking to Selected Clips

You can also use the Relink command for connecting subclips or sequences to selected master clips and subclips.


To relink to selected master clips and subclips:


1.  Move the subclips or sequences that you want to relink into the bin containing the clips.

2.  Select the clips targeted for relinking.

3.  Select Clip > Relink

4.  Select Relink all non-master clips to selected online items to relink related subclips or sequences to the highlighted clip in the bin.

5.  Click the Relink to media on volume menu, and select an option:


Select All Available Drives to search across all media drives that are online.


 Select a specific drive volume if you know the location of the media or if you want to relink to media on a specific media drive.


6.  (Option) Select Relink only to media from the current project.

7.  (Option) Select Match case when comparing tape names.

8.  Click OK.


The subclips or sequences are linked to the selected clips or subclips.



Note that the Avid method for removing sub-clips is not applicable to Avid Interplay.


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