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Startup and User Management

Also see Appendices : User Preferences and Preference Load Order

When the application is run you are prompted to create a user or choose a user from a dropdown list.

On first run, a single user Default will be visible.

To use the selected user, press the OK button (or hit the ENTER key) :

User Selector

To create a new user, press the New button. A dialog will open prompting for a user name. Type in a name and press the OK button :

Adding a new user

The new user added is selected in the drop-down list.

At the User Selector dialog box, Press OK (or hit the ENTER key) to login with the selected user.

User Management

The User Login dialog has the following functionality :


This creates a new user.

The new user will start with some basic minimal settings defined.

User names must be unique.


This operation will copy the selected user (e.g. Tom) to a new user we name (e.g. Alice) :

Copying a user (Tom) to a new user (Alice).

This deletes the selected user and clears their preference files.

You cannot delete the Default user.

Deleting a user cannot be undone. Make sure you have backups.

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