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Setting Up Stereo

For stereo support, you need to :


1.Enable a project setting and
2.Choose your stereo mode (if using an interlaced DVI device).



DVS Centaurus II Licensing


You will need the DVS Centaurus II license option Multidevice  to use stereo multitrack mode SDI output. See the DVS Centaurus II Video section of the Setup Manual for more information.

Project Setting

Stereo is enabled independently per project. To enable stereo on a project, select the project on the main project screen and select the Stereoscopic Output tick-box :



Application Preferences

Two modes of stereo channel output are supported, SDI video and interlaced DVI.


Output of left and right stereo on SDI channels A and B through a DVS Centaurus II video board.


You will need to enable your SDI I/O card via :


Preferences / Monitoring/VideoIO : Enable SDI I/O Card



Interlaced DVI

Output of interlaced stereo through DVI to a supported display device.


If your stereo display device uses an interlaced DVI signal, enable this via :


Preferences / Monitoring/VideoIO : Interlace Stereo DVI Output





Interlaced Stereo mode is incompatible with OpenGL read-back and will be hidden if read-back is enabled.

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