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Scene Detection

The Scene Detect module can perform an automatic detection of scene changes in a contiguous segment, adding scene edits where found. When enabled, the detection will begin from the current location of the active play-head.




To configure scene detection, switch to the Scene Detect tab.





This numeric slider is for adjusting the sensitivity towards detecting scene changes. The lower the value the less sensitive scene detection is going to be, so changes have to be very obvious to trigger a scene change, whilst the higher the value the more sensitive to changes the scene detector is going to be and smaller amounts of changes will trigger an edit. If this value is too high then edits will be inserted in the middle of a scene, whilst if the value is too low scene changes may be missed.

Lead In

This numeric slider is for specifying the minimum number of frames to leave in a segment before the next edit is inserted, with the default set to 5 frames.
So at its highest sensitivity setting, the scene detector might be detecting scene changes every frame, but it will only insert an edit every 5 frames.</br>

Field Boundaries

If enabled, edits can also be inserted at field boundaries on interlaced material.


When working with interlaced material scene changes sometimes occur between fields as opposed to between frames, so by turning on this option you allow the scene detector to insert edits where the scene change actually occurs. If this options is turned off, then the edits will be inserted on the frame boundary rather than where the scene change actually takes place.


Scene detection is dependent on the material colour format and especially whether the input is linear or logarithmic. The default setting will be taken from the project colour scaling setting. Setting the incorrect value here may result in incorrect scene change detection.



See The Setup Manual for a discussion of colour scaling.

Panel Audio Notify

Enabling this will cause an audible notification when a scene change is detected. The sound is produced via the control panel.


Once you have adjusted the settings, switch back to the Timeline tab and move the active playhead to the start of the segment you want to divide up.



The video track needs to be enabled for scene detection to work.


Turn on the Scene Detect button to start the scene detection process :




You will see the edits appearing on the timeline and a progress report will be shown in the Library screen :




To stop scene detection at any point just toggle off the scene detect button.


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