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Replacing a Source

--replace-source <path>

Replace source of shot (at frame count) specified by new source

Replacing a Clip Source

--replace-source <path>


To replace the source of the shot (at specified record-in count) with the new source as specified in the given path.


Command :

$ film_master --project PROJ1 --composition COMP1 \

  --replace-source M:\images\shots\009\056_009.001.dpx \

  --record-in 100


INFO Opening project "PROJ1".


INFO Opening composition "COMP1".

INFO Found range (1, 54).

INFO Set clip name to "VERSION2".

INFO Clip added to composition.


The source will be replaced.



Grades will be retained on the shot.



You need to have at least the same amount of source material in the new version as the old or an error will occur.


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