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Rendering Avid Effects

When exporting an AAF from the Avid, one of the Export Settings available is Render Video Effects :




Enabling this will cause the Avid AAF export process to render all timeline effects. Avid calls these renders pre-computes.



If you are planning on returning to the AVID via AAF, we would recommend that you do not select the Apply AAF effects option on import into the Nucoda.


Introducing pre-computes to the work flow adds some extra complexity that you will need to be aware of :


Pre-compute clips will not re-link on return to the Avid. They will also not be updated in the exported AAF (an Avid limitation).


However, the Nucoda processed (e.g. graded) pre-computes shots will appear in the Avid Media Tool and are therefore available to you for manual timeline addition.</br></br>


Merging the grades into updated AAF sequences will not work for pre-compute shots because they do not contain timecode or tapename information.



Make sure all effects used in the Avid are fully rendered (no partial renders).


By default, Nucoda treats all transitions as dissolves, if you sequence contains any transition such as 3D wipes or spins, you will have to mix these down for them to appear in the AAF, renders will just come accross as dissolves.


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