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Adding effects to segments, or transforming sources for output, will require CPU processing: rendering. This rendering normally happens transparently in the background as you work, and in most circumstances requires no explicit intervention.

The Master layer is treated slightly differently and uses the the graphics card GPU to render previews.

Release 2017.1 includes major GPU and Caching updates. See the GPU Preview and Caching chapter.

You will have to render your composition if you :

  • Add effect layers or
  • Add adjustment segments
  • Create and use proxy sources (1:1 Clone, 2:1 etc.)
  • Create source caches (for example, from MXF, Quicktime or Red raw files)

Proxy Source vs Source Cache

A proxy source and a source cache are technically the same thing but we differentiate them because :

  1. A source cache is always 1:1 (equivalent to 1:1 Clone proxy) and
  2. A source cache requires no explicit proxy format created on the project. The cache proxy is created automatically and transparently.

Note that (2) is only true if you leave the createClone parameter true (for the relevant file format) in the Clips.prefs preference file (under the ROOT Folder).

The following buttons control the rendering process in your project :


The automatic render controls toggle between different rendering behaviour, and the manual render controls let you set off specific rendering tasks.

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